The HFS Process

processThe Five Step HFS Consultative Process focuses on a commitment to your unique goals and needs. I will help you understand how market fluctuation may impact your financial future, explaining how risk and fees can both be controlled to a large extent.

1) The first step of this process is for me to get to know your needs, your concerns, your goals, and your aspirations. It is in this step of the process that we begin to get to know each other and I can begin to formulate ideas and strategies.

2) The second step involves education and recommendations. I am consultative in my approach and believe in presenting two or three different ideas and helping you understand the pros and cons of each. These two or three recommendations will be based upon your unique needs and objectives.

3) As a third step, adjustments based on your feedback are made.

4) Once we agree on a strategy, that strategy is implemented as a fourth step.

5) Finally, the fifth step is ongoing. I provide my clients with ongoing reviews and analyses of their strategies, performing reviews once every three months and contacting them at those times.

LPL’s Capabilities